Using the Archive Course Feature in Blackboard Learn

If you are not the instructor of that course where the materials are located, request permission (in email form) from the instructor to use a copy of their materials. Forward this email to and the Office of Distance Learning Services will enroll you as an instructor in the designated course.

Please note: This is only required if your course uses a Course Cartridge or for special circumstances. If your course does not have a course cartridge, please use the preferred method of Exporting Your Course.

Let's start by accessing the Blackboard Course where the course materials already exist.

Scroll down to the course Control Panel, click the arrow next to Packages and Utilities, and click Export/Archive Course.

Click Archive Course


If it is checked it will include that semesters students and their Grades in our .zip package and will cause problems.

If you feel you need to include them, please email before Archiving

Under File Attachments, make sure Copy links and include copies of the files in the course default directory and Copy links and include copies of the files outside of the course default directory is selected.

Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.


You will see the following message pop up at the top of the of the course page indicating that your Export request has been queued and will be completed once other requests made before yours have been completed. Please be patient as this can take up to 2 hours depending on the file size and number of request ahead of yours.


Once the Export request has been completed, you will receive an email like the example below

Once again return to Export/Archive Course under Control Panel and Packages and Utilities. Hit the Refresh button if you do not see your exported course file listed. You will then see your exported course for download as a zip file. Download it but do not unzip it. It will need to be in that format to be imported in the new course.