How do I know if a student is enrolled in my MyLabsPlus course?

For this tutorial, a transitional math course is used.


Access your Pearson MyLabsPlus course, select Course Tools, and click the Gradebook button.




Under the Class Roster section:

  • Student names in blue are enrolled in your course.
  • Student names that look "greyed out" are disabled (similar to Unavailable in blackboard).
  • If you do not see your student's name, they have not been enrolled into your course yet.




You will experience situations where a student is enrolled in your myTRCC roster, but not yet enrolled into your Pearson MyLabsPlus course. If this occurs during the beginning of the semester and the student was just added, please be patient. Once students are enrolled into a course on myTRCC, it may take up to the next business day for the student to have access to the course.


This concludes this section.