As a student, what can I do on Blackboard Mobile Learn?

The following areas are able to be viewed and interacted with by the student:

  •  View Announcements
  •  View materials attached in folders
  •  View description and materials attached to Assignments
  • Create new threads in existing Discussion Board topics
  •  View Grades
  •  View the class Roster


As a student, what tools and features are NOT available in Blackboard Mobile Learn?

The following course tools/features that are NOT available and/or supported while using this App are:

  • Assessments (e.g., tests and quizzes)

NOTE: We do not support or advise the submission of tests/quizzes over a wireless connection. Students will have an option to view a test/quiz through their mobile devices’ browser, but we do not support it.

  • Submitting Assignments
  • Chat
  • Course Mail
  • Viewing the Syllabus (unless attached as a document you can download)
  • Viewing material posted to folders (unless the instructor has attached a copy in a format you can download.)
  • Viewing any Flash-based instructional content or movies. Please note that Flash files are not supported on devices using IOS.


Download Instructions:

 1.       Visit the:

  •  App Store on your iPhone, iPad, or iPad touch
  •  Google Play Store on your Android device
  •  BlackBerry smartphone devices are NOT SUPPORTED
  •   web OS devices are NOT SUPPORTED

 2.       Search for “Blackboard Mobile Learn”
 3.       Install the app
 4.       Search for “Three Rivers College”
 5.       Login to Mobile Learn with your personal Blackboard credentials

Click here (link opens in a new window) for information on how the Blackboard Mobile App can help you through the semester.