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How To Create a Test in Blackboard Learn

Welcome to the Test tutorial section of this site. As we work towards creating step by step guides with screenshots, the YouTube video "How To Create a Test in Blackboard Learn" by Blackboard Inc. is provided below.

Learn how to create a test, add questions to a test, and make your test available to students. Find out how to search and reuse questions from other tests in your course.


Notes about the video - Test Canvas section:

  • Creating Questions - Create questions one at a time.
  • Reuse Questions - Select questions from Tests Banks and Pools. Check with your book publisher to see if they have Test Banks available for the book used in your course.
  • Upload Questions - Create a list of questions and answers in an Excel document to upload into Blackboard. Formatting instructions can be found on the Blackboard Help site by clicking here. Another helpful video provided by Blackboard Inc. on this process can be found by clicking here.







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