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As an Instructor, what features are available on Blackboard Mobile Learn?

  •  Groups
  •  Mobile Test
  •  Push Notifications
  • Annoucements
  •  Grade Discussions
  •  Content
  • Blogs
  • Journals
  • Roster
  • Tasks
  • Organizations
  • Dashboard


As an Instructor, what tools and features are NOT supported by the Office of Distance Learning?

The following course tools/features that are NOT supported while using this App are:

  • Grading (e.g., tests and quizzes)

NOTE: We do not support or advise the submission of tests/quizzes over a wireless connection. Students will have an option to view a test/quiz through their mobile devices’ browser, but we do not support it.

  • Submitting Assignments
  • Chat
  • Course Mail
  • Viewing the Syllabus (unless attached as a document you can download)
  • Viewing material posted to folders (unless the instructor has attached a copy in a format you can download.)
  • Viewing any Flash-based instructional content or movies. Please note that Flash files are not supported on devices using IOS.


Download Instructions:

 1.       Visit the:

  •  App Store on your iPhone, iPad, or iPad touch
  •  Google Play Store on your Android device
  •  BlackBerry smartphone devices are NOT SUPPORTED
  •   web OS devices are NOT SUPPORTED

 2.       Search for "Bb Student" or "Mobile Learn"
 3.       Install the app
 4.       Search for “Three Rivers College
 5.       Login to Mobile Learn with your personal Blackboard credentials (same as student email)

Click here (link opens in a new window) for information on how the Blackboard Mobile App can help you through the semester.



Dreading that huge stack of virtual papers to grade in Blackboard?

Just pull out your iPad!

Bb Grader


 provides teachers with a mobile solution to conveniently measure student success anytime, anywhere. With Bb Grader, teachers use their iPads to review, provide feedback, and ultimately grade submitted Blackboard Learn assignments from within the app.

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app    (NOT available for Android devices)

Notice About Blackboard Mobile Learn App:

               On August 31, 2017 Blackboard Inc. ended support for the Mobile Learn app for mobile devices, and has been removed from mobile app stores. Although the Mobile Learn app is currently working for most users connecting to Three Rivers’ Blackboard Learn online courses, the app will have limited functionality or stop working with future updates to mobile devices. For example, on September 19, 2017 Apple officially released iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad, and the Mobile Learn app no longer functions properly. If you wish to continue to access Blackboard via Mobile Learn, you should refrain from upgrading to iOS 11 temporarily. Android devices are currently unaffected, but that may change with future android system updates.


Blackboard Inc.’s new mobile app “Blackboard” is not currently supported by Three River’s version of Blackboard Learn. The Office of Distance Learning for blackboard support plans to upgrade the blackboard server by the start of the Spring 2018 semester to enable full function of this app. The new Blackboard app is available on mobile app stores for both iPhone and Android devices, but it is not currently fully supported and has very limited functionality with our current version of Blackboard.