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Create a group in Microsoft Stream and assign students as members.

NoteIMPORTANT NOTE: Log in with account in for students to be able to view videos you upload.

In this section:

  • View groups that you are a member of

  • Create a new group
  • Assigning students to your groups

  • Assigning faculty / adjuncts / staff to your group

View groups that you are a member of:

Create a new group:

  • In Stream, go to Create > Group.

  • In the Create group page, provide a unique Name and Description for your group. In this example the Blackboard course id for MATH-162-950W-20SP is used as the group name and the Blackboard course name is used as the group description. Both the course id and course name can be easily copied from the My Courses module in Blackboard and pasted from the clipboard here.

  • In Access, select Private group.

    • Public group: videos / channels you add to it to be viewable by everyone (all students / faculty / staff) at Three Rivers.
    • Private group: will be private and only the members (students / faculty / staff) of the group will be able to see the contents of the group.

Note: Later when uploading a video, this group is added to the "Shared with" section. The use of private groups is how you prevent students outside your course from viewing your video

  • IMPORTANT: In Allow all members to contribute, toggle the button to Off. The Allow all members to contribute setting determines if the members of the group, or in this example students, should be able to contribute to the group by adding/modify videos and channels, or if they should just be viewers of the group only.

  • Look up students by their Three Rivers student email address in the Add group members field to include them in your group. You can only add individual users to groups one at a time. You can always come back and add more members later. For example, you might add another faculty member as an owner to assist you in managing students in your group.

  • IMPORTANT: Uncheck the box for students in the Owner column. This owner role allows the member to add members and change the role status of any member in the group. 

  • Select Create.

Assigning students to your groups

Assigning faculty / adjuncts / staff to your group

  • Oddities of adding staff- email because of students on seperate tennant. Also remind them of contacting DLS for assistance with logging into their staff- account.
  • If you would like to add another faculty member to assist you in managing the group, search for them by adding staff- in front of their email username. In this example, you can see that was added as the owner.