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Student myTRCC Access / Password Changes:

About myTRCC 

Three Rivers students can access many aspects of their student records via the myTRCC online student system. myTRCC gives the student access to degree audits, financial aid, unofficial transcripts, transcript requests, registration, student account balances, and the ability to pay on your account. Technical assistance is available by calling the Welcome Center at 573-840-9605.



Logging Into myTRCC

Located in the header on every page of the website. You can also bookmark the site for easier future access.


2. Select Log In

Located near the top right corner


3. Enter Your Username

At the login prompt, enter your username which is the first initial of your first name and your entire last name followed by the last 4 digits of your Three Rivers Student ID number.

      • Example Student: Rocky Raider
      • Example Student ID#: 0123456
      • Example Username: rraider3456

4.   Enter Your Password

Returning Students:

Your password has not been changed. Skip to the Helpful Hints section at the end of this document if you have lost your password.

New Students:

Your initial password is a combination of the following:


Initial Password Standard

 Example Student:   Rocky Raider   Born on July 1, 1966


                  • First initial of first name, capitalized = R
                  • First initial of last name, not capitalized = r
                  • Birthday in numerical format: Month (2 digits), Day (2 digit), Year (2 digit) = 070166
                  • Ends in an exclamation point = !
                  • Based on these criteria, the initial password would be Rr070166!



6. Click on myTRCC for students

This is where all your information is located





Helpful Hints

  • If you do not know your student identification number, your user name can be retrieved via the “What's My User Name" link.
    • Link found in lower left of screen by clicking "myTRCC for Students" under the "Main Menu" tab.


  • If you forget your password, a temporary password can be sent from the "Reset my password" link.
    • Link found in lower left of screen by clicking "myTRCC for Students" under the "Main Menu" tab. The temporary password will be sent to your myMail student email account.





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