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Current as 06/25/2020 for Mozilla Firefox version 77

To clear the cache, cookies or history in Mozilla Firefox:

  1. In the upper right corner of the Mozilla Firefox browser, click the Hamburger Menu  (Open Menu) button (Figure A).

    Image of Frefox  instruction Figure A

  2. Select Options (Figure B) in the menu that appears.

  3. Click Privacy & Security (Figure C) in the Left Hand Navigation Panel.
    Scroll down and then click the  Clear History...  button (Figure D).

  4. In the new window that opens, choose Everything from the drop down menu (Figure E). 
    Make sure all of the following are checked (Figure F)
    • Browsing & Download History
    • Cookies
    • Cache
    • Active Logins

  5. Click OK (Figure G)

    Image showing Firefox Figues E,F, and G

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