Current as of 06/25/20 for Google Chrome 83

To clear the cache, cookies and history in Google Chrome:

  1. Click the Three Dots (Customize and control Google Chrome menu button - Figure A)   in the top right corner. Click Settings (Figure B) on the menu that comes up.

    Figure A Figure B
  2. Click Privacy and securiy (Figure C), then click Clear Browsing Data (Figure D)

    Figure C and D

  3.  In the window that appears. Make sure Basic is Selected (Figure E), Time range is set to All time (Figure F), and all three items are selected (Figure G). Click Clear data (Figure H).

    Figures E through H

  4. You have now cleared your Cache and Cookies for Chrome. You can also navigate in Chrome directly to this address chrome://settings/clearBrowserData and skip to step 3