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Downloading a copy of a file using the online version of Office 365's OneDrive through a web browser.

Do Not Use Office 365 OneDrive's Shareable Links to Submit an Assignment

Whether submitting an assignment in a Blackboard course or emailing an instructor a file from Office 365, you must first download a copy of the document to your computer locally. When you create a document in Office 365's online office suite, it is automatically saved to your TRC student OneDrive cloud storage. When sharing a document from Office 365, it creates a "" link. This type of link is not accepted by Blackboard Learn for instructors to grade.


Downloading a Copy of Your Office 365 OneDrive File

1. Open your Office 365 OneDrive folder where the file is located.

2. Hover your mouse over the file, click the breadcrumb  button, then Download

3. Now that the document is now locally on your computer, use that file in your Downloads folder to submit to your Blackboard Learn course.

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