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Students who do not have a personal computer can login to Blackboard using computers in the Three Rivers computer labs on campus or at its external locations.

About Blackboard

Blackboard is the web-based system used to access online courses and additional web portions of face-to-face courses. Students normally have access to the course syllabus and material starting the first day of the course. Login assistance is available by calling 573-840-9605.

System Requirements

If you are having technical issues while trying to access and use Blackboard, see the System Requirements guide. 

Blackboard Support

    • Email the Distance Learning office for blackboard support at immediately. Copy (CC) your instructor.
    • Please do not wait until the next day to report issues.
    • Include the Course Number, Type/Name/Location of Issue (Test, Assignment, Discussion Board), and a description of the problem you are experiencing.

Logging Into Blackboard

  1.  Select the Blackboard Link

    Located in the header on every page of the website. You can also bookmark the site for easier future access. You can also bookmark "" for easier access

  2. Enter Your Username and Password

    At the login prompt, enter your username which is the first initial of your first name and your entire last name followed by the last 4 digits of your Three Rivers Student ID number.

    • Example Student: Rocky Raider
    • Example Student ID#: 0123456
    • Example Username: rraider3456

    Your password is the same as your myMail student email password. Forgot or don't know your password? Head to the myMail section to see what it is or how to reset it.

  3. Select your course name from the My Courses list under the My Institutions Tab

    You will immediately be taken to the welcome page of your course

  4. Explore Your Web course

    Use the navigational buttons on the left to view various areas of the course. Each instructor sets up their courses differently.

  5. Remember to Log Out.

    Make sure you log out of your Blackboard account when you are finished, especially when using a public access computer.

Can I access Blackboard on my mobile phone or tablet?

See our Blackboard Mobile App Section for full details.

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