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How Students View Their Graded Assignment


This section describes the recommended way to advise your student to view their grades for an assignment in Blackboard Learn.




Once a student logs into Blackboard Learn, they should first access their course for the graded assignment. In their navigation menu, click the My Grades link.






Students have a few options for looking at their grade based how on you as the instructor grade the assignment:

  1. Students can click on the assignment name, view their submission with annotations if the In-Line Grading Feature was used. The score is visible and students can download their assignment with the annotations. There is also another rubric link there as well.
  2. If a rubric was used to grade the assignment, students can click on the View Rubric link to view the rubric used, points gained, and feedback from an instructor.
  3. If feedback was left for the instructor at the end of the grading rubric, it will be displayed in this comment bubble.






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