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A student was transferred to my course. Where is their coursework on Pearson MyLabsPlus?

For this tutorial, a transitional math course was used.


NOTE FOR TRANSITIONAL MATH COURSES: Typically, course numbers MATH 01, 02, 103, and 153 will be cross-listed, NOT the sections numbers.

Example scenario: A student is dropped from section R001, and added to section R003. Sections R001 and R003 have two separate Blackboard Learn and Pearson MyLabsPlus courses. Student logs into their section R003 Pearson course and their course work is missing.

Result: Since the student was added to a new course (R003), their past course work remains in the prior enrolled section (R001).

Solution: Instructors can import a student's course work from the section they dropped. Directions below.



Access your Pearson MyLabsPlus course and open the gradebook.



On the Gradebook page, you will notice a drop down selection labeled More Gradebook Tools. Click the drop down arrow and select Import Previous Results.



Find the student who needs their past work, and click Import Results.







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