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Microsoft Stream for sharing recorded videos with students in their course.

What is Microsoft (MS) Stream?

Microsoft (MS) Stream is an enterprise video service where Three Rivers employees can upload, view, organize and share videos securely with students and each other.

Log into Microsoft Stream

Why not use OneDrive for shared recordings?

Student's use a separate Office 365 account from TRC faculty and staff. In order for students to see your videos on Stream, you must log in with a account in order for students to view recordings you upload.



  • Submit a ticket to IT at or call 573-840-9708 for assistance with setting up a new password for this account. This password must be different from an existing password you use for security purposes.
  • Have a password in mind when you call. Passwords must have at least 12 characters and contain
    • Lowercase characters: a-z
    • Uppercase characters: A-Z
    • Numbers: 0-9
    • Symbols : ! # $ %

Recordings that contain audio or video of a student must be protected.

  • Microsoft Stream requires a student to first log into their Three Rivers' Office 365 account in order to view a recording.
  • Through creating "Groups" and assigning students to a group, faculty can deter students from downloading a recording, making it view-only.


  • Links to Microsoft's documentation website.
  • Links to Microsoft's documentation website.
  • Links to Microsoft's documentation website.

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