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Using the Course Copy Feature in Blackboard Learn 


If you are not the instructor of that course where the materials are located, request permission (in email form) from the instructor to use a copy of their materials. Forward this email to and the Distance Learning office will enroll you as an instructor in the designated course.



Let's start by accessing the blackboard course where the course materials already exist.

Scroll down to the course Control Panel, click the arrow next to Packages and Utilities, and click Course Copy.


Next to the Destination Course ID, click the Browse...  button. You will see a list of all the courses where you are enrolled as an instructor. Select the course where you want to copy the course materials to, and click the Submit button. The Course ID of the course you selected will display in the Destination Course ID field.

Click the Select All button. This will check all boxes required to make an exact copy of your course. Click the Submit button.

You will see the following message pop up at the top of the of the course page indicating that your course copy request has been queued and will be completed once other requests made before yours has been completed.


Do NOT attempt to retry and perform the Course Copy process again! Once you see the above green Success label, your course will be copied. Please be patient. Once the copy process has completed, you will receive an email from the Blackboard Administrator that the copy has completed.

If you attempt to start another Course Copy session, it will result in duplicate course materials (assignments, tests, word documents, PDFs).



Here is an example of an email you will receive once the Course Copy process has completed.


Click your My Institution tab at the top of the page. Access your new course or the course where you copied the materials to. At the top of the page you will see the following message indicating that the copy process is Waiting. Please be patient. During the start of the semester you may have up to 2 hours of wait time. Once the copy process starts the message to change from Waiting to Running, then Complete.


Process Queued

Course Copy in Progress

Course Copy Complete! Access your course and check your materials.



Refresh your page and look over the course materials in your new class!





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