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How to Associate a Rubric To Coursework

Here is a quick tutorial video provided by Title III Director Justin Hoggard on Associating A Rubric to An Assignment. Written instructions can be found below the video.



Rubrics can be associated to the following types of coursework:

  • Assignments
  • Test Questions - Essay, Short Answer, and File Response
  • Blogs and journals
  • Wikis
  • Discussion board forums and threads

During the creation or editing of the different types of coursework, rubrics are associated in the grading and rubrics section (see image below).


To associate a rubric, click the Add Rubric drop down button.



Check the box next to the rubric you wish to use and click the Submit button.


After clicking the Submit button, the "Points Possible" will adjust according to the rubric you select.



In order for students to see your rubric scoring and feedback, you must turn on this option. Under "Show Rubric to Students", click the drop down button next to "No" and select



Save your work by clicking the Submit button.





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